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Struggling with 


With 1.93 Billion Active Users On Instagram, and you are still struggling to GROW your following. 

With the right VISIBILITY STRATEGIES, growing your Instagram gets to be easy and fun. 

Struggling with 


Each day 95 million photos and videos are posted on Instagram, so if your posts are not able to get good engagement initially - IG Algorithm will bury them. 

With the right ENGAGEMENT STRATEGIES, we will make sure your post gets good engagement and is constantly being pushed to your ideal audience. 


Struggling To Make Money Online

If you aren't able to monetize from 300 followers, you won't be able to monetize from 10K followers. 


Struggling With The Ever Changing Algorithm

Yes, I agree IG Algorithm changes almost everyday and it is difficult to keep track when you've got better things to do. 

Don't worry, we stay updated on how IG works and tweak your strategies to make sure you are focussing on ONLY what is working and not wasting your time on outdated strategies. 

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The Only 1:1 Audit With a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

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Imagine getting an entire social media agency experience where...

Expert Social Media Managers

To audit your profile and make sure it is attracting the right people on autopilot. They will help you nail your content strategy, hashtag strategy, and posting frequency.

Expert Copywriter

On how to write content that people can't help but engage

Because everything on Instagram comes down to engagement

Expert Graphic Designer

To guide you on how to have eye catching images. So that your images stand out in people’s feed and the explorer page or the hashtags.



And then when all the work is done for you


You will be getting unlimited support + feedback to implement. 

Reach out 10 times or 100 times, (there is no limit on how many times you can reach out) we are always there to support you in growing your Instagram. 

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Key Takeaways After Your Audit 


The emotional triggers that will make you #1 account in your niche, irrespective of the number of followers you have. 

How to keep your followers scrolling through your content, so they are ALWAYS HUNGRY FOR MORE OF YOUR CONTENT OR YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE.

Learn how to make the Instagram algorithm work for you. You are no longer a victim or at the mercy of Instagram algorithm. You, my friend call the shots from NOW on. 

No more outdated strategies, leverage what is working NOW. 

5 Things that you must have in your profile, if you want to attract your ideal audience on auto pilot (even on days when you are not posting). 

Avoid Instagram bad practices, then can put you in Instagram jail or stop showing your content. 

Audience shortcut hack to convert profile visitors to followers to fans. Once you utilize these technique and see how well they work, you won't be able to stop using them. 

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Here is the breakdown...

of how the Audit works?

As soon as you make the payment, you will receive your Audit form along with the Instagram course and Bonuses. 

Once we receive the form, our team of experts will review your account and your goals. We will create a custom Instagram strategy based on your goals and challenges and share step by step process with you.

Once we are done creating a custom plan for your account, we share the step by step process with you

We will be working alongside you, till you see the results that you want. 

You can reach out any number of times. 

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Plus you get these Bonuses

Instagram Growth Secrets

Money Making Instagram

IG Secrets: How Instagram Works

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About Tanisha P Kalsi


Working in Social Media Since 2011

Started my Social Media Agency 11 years back (before social media was the cool thing)

Since then I have worked with thousands of clients in over 14 countries across 45 niches

Over 1,00,000 students have enrolled in my courses since January 2021.

Have the lowest refund requests of 0.01% (Industry Average is between 7%-15%).

Build and Scaled 2 independent multi-million dollar businesses. 

Go To Educator for Influencers, Content Creators, Coaches, Service Providers, Brand Owners. 

Helped generate millions in combined revenue for client

My students have grown their Instagram to 10K followers in 40 days, and have earned multiple 6 figures by monetising their Instagram accounts. 


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Here's Why People Like You, Purchase From Us

Unlimited Support

You get unlimited support + feedback. Most of Instagram Success lies in implementing the strategies correctly. We handhold you and help you implement the latest strategies correctly.  

Reach out 10 times or 100 times, always there for you!

Free Updates & Lifetime Access

I understand you are busy and have 100 things to do. So that's why we provide you with Lifetime Access & Free Updates. Since Instagram is always changing & evolving. So we keep you updated with all latest updates at free of cost. 

Insane Value At The Lowest Price

My aim is to give you the highest value at the lowest price. If you can show me anyone (domestic or international) giving better value at the same price. I will refund you the amount that you paid plus you can keep the audit + course + bonuses.

100% Risk Free Purchase

If you are not happy with the results that you get after implementing our strategies. You can ask for 100% refund

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  • If you are serious about growing your Instagram. 
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Due to the personalized nature of this program. It's impossible not to see the results. 

Over 95% of our students start seeing drastic improvements in their Instagram within the first week. 
Over 87% of our students were able to accomplish their goals in the first month itself. 
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If I'm wrong and you find a more value-packed offer, or you do not see your desired results, let me know and we’ll REFUND!

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  • Personalized 1:1 Audit: Rs 5000
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More Student Wins 

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